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Do you set up the chocolate fountain for me?
Yes! Some chocolate fountain companies will just rent you a chocolate fountain and require you to do set up and take down yourself. Why bother with the mess when you can have Lil’ Dipper Chocolate Fountains take care of everything for you? In addition, we are fully insured. If we cause a spill, we’ll professionally clean your carpet area for free!

What type of chocolate do you use?
Some chocolate fountain companies use “cheap” chocolate to reduce their prices. Lil’ Dipper uses extremely fine chocolate by E. Guittard. Originating in France, this San Francisco chocolate maker has been in business for 150 years. Once you taste their chocolate, you’ll understand why they’ve been around for so long.

What do I get with the fountain?
Some chocolate fountain companies will rent you a fountain with attendant. Unfortunately that’s about it. They will not provide sundae cups or plates, tables or linens, bowls to hold the dipping items, skewers, or even decorations. With Lil’ Dipper, all that is included!

My catering company says they can do the chocolate fountain…why should I choose you?
Some catering companies will tell you that they can do the chocolate fountain for you. The reality is that they might not really know what they are doing and think they can figure it out as they go along. This learning would probably occur at your event. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

How far do you travel?
We go just about anywhere, but we define our service area to be within 30 miles of downtown Alpharetta. This covers most of Atlanta down to the airport, and the greater perimeter area. If the mileage to your event is more than 30 miles, we charge an out of area service fee of $30.00. Beyond 30 miles, we will provide with a customized delivery charge quote based on your distance. There will be no surprise charges and you will always know right down to the penny what your even will cost prior to our arrival.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we do. If you are tax exempt, let us know! If you provide us with proof of sales tax exemption, we do no have to charge sales tax. We also like to offer discounts where ever we can. We love to offer multi-party discounts. Talk with us!

Are you Atlanta’s best chocolate fountain rental service?
We think we are. The only way you can know for sure is to hire us for your event.

The Lil Dipper Difference
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen fountains that failed to “curtain” because the wrong type of chocolate was used. In addition, some companies say they can provide dipping items. We actually saw one company provide a dozen strawberries for 150 people! Many times we have seen strawberries that weren’t washed and cleaned. We’ve also seen pineapple out of the can for use or grocery store bought sliced. This is too messy and we wouldn’t dream of ever doing it this way. All of our fruit is fresh and is beautifully displayed.

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